Plastics technology.

Plastics technology.

The plastics technology division specialises in the production of high-quality housing modules and trim parts.

Our internationally based customers from the areas of medical and laboratory technology, the automotive industry and the construction and energy sectors value our overall expertise in development, injection moulding, surface finishing and assembly all from a single source.

Thanks to three production sites in Bavaria, Thuringia and the Czech Republic, we increase delivery reliability with our risk management.

We also have environmental certifications and produce our own green electricity and heat with PV and CHP. Heat recovery systems further improve our ecological footprint.

We do not process any PVC for reasons of environmental protection.

Our strict quality assurance regularly subjects our products to numerous defined tests. For example, coatings are tested in a special light chamber and measurements are performed for colour fidelity and layer thickness.

This is why all products from the HOLZAMMER Group are of the highest quality.

A decades-long tradition.