The surface finish determines the outer appearance of your product!

Whether structured or smooth coating, single- or multi-colour, we support you in realising your colour design right from the start and put your project into practice.

We perform coating in an automated coating unit or by hand. On request, we then we print, apply decals or stickers, metallise or polish each part.

Inspection of the coated components is always visual, so a standardised evaluation isn’t easy. To express this in numbers, we perform a wide range of colour and gloss level measurements for quality assurance purposes, test the durability and thickness of the coats of paint as well as the entire component in a special test chamber under standardised conditions.

Fine structure
Fine structure, smooth and clear finish as well as two-colour finish on one component
Silver smooth finish, semi-glossy, and second colour in fine structure on one component
Gloss smooth finish, complicated coating geometry
Colour variants of a two-colour component